Advanced Text Editor

I want to create a Very comprehensive computer programming editor for everyone to learn how to code on the web, I want to make it so simple that kids in elementry could code.

Currently a student at W3Schools

The optional elements, i believe their called, will display on the css secion for the html and a user will simply activate that rule by clicking a button, similar to Chrome editor inspector. (Notice images below).

I also believe a right click to navigate quickly to the css rules will be a great feature for users to easily edit that particular code on their website.

This will also make it easier to trouble shot faltering computer eginor devices and future robots. - The research I once had to do will be at your disposel at a hover of your curser with desktops for Cell Phones hold down to display the information.

This will work as you are coding in the text editor

a clear Box at the front of each tag will be visible like chrome for the user to select or unselect to either activate or unactivate that tag element, once that occures further options will be displayed with more "(i)" informational tags to educate the users as they code on the text editor.

    display: block;
    color: white;
(i)This will change the main font text Color -- maybe give an illustrated version here of a before and after example
Background-color: white;
(i)This will change the background color of the Div area or box of your Html code. -- maybe give an illustrated version here of a before and after example Click on this link for more details 1. 2. Wikipedia
text-align: center; padding: 16px; text-decoration: none; /* (i) This will remove the underline on a a tag and or link --- Hover to see this effect */ }
(i) Tooltip text